Toilets [ toi-lit ]

  • a bathroom fixture consisting of a bowl, usually with a detachable, hinged seat and lid, and a device for flushing with water, used for defecation and urination.
  • a lavatory.
  • a bathroom.
  • a toilet bowl.
  • a dressing room, especially one containing a bath.
  • the act or process of dressing or grooming oneself, including bathing and arranging the hair.

There are a multitude of toilets available from back to wall, close coupled, high and low level, shower toilets and wall hung toilets.

Whatever toilet you desire it will comprise of three or four key components being the pan, the cistern, potentially the flushing mechanism and the seat.

As standard all cisterns will require a 15mm cold water feed and pans must be connected to a 100mm soil pipe to remove the waste upon flushing.

Sanitary colours are mainly white, but we also offer anthracite matt and white satin matt, these can be searched using our comprehensive filters.

Where hygienic glazes are an option it would be prudent to specify eliminating harmful germs, bacteria and will remain clean and attractive looking for a long time to come.

At Draw a Bath we have simplified the process of purchasing your new toilet by listing all the relevant options on every toilet, giving you peace of mind the components you purchase will be compatible.  

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