Bath [ bath, bahth ]

  • a washing or immersion of something, especially the body, in water, steam, etc., as for cleansing or medical treatment.
  • a quantity of water or other liquid used for this purpose.
  • a container for water or other cleansing liquid, as a bathtub.
  • a room equipped for bathing, bathroom.
  • a building containing rooms or apartments with equipment for bathing; bathhouse.
  • Often baths . one of the elaborate bathing establishments of the ancients.
  • Usually baths . a town or resort visited for medical treatment by bathing or the like, spa.
  • a preparation, as an acid solution, in which something is immersed.
  • the container for such a preparation.
  • a device for controlling the temperature of something by the use of a surrounding medium, as sand, water, oil, etc.

For some drawing a bath is a daily ritual, for others it is a seldom treat when nothing else hits the spot like a long, hot, relaxing soak.

The bath is generally the largest item within the bathroom, therefore it is a great starting point when planning your bathroom layout.

From corner baths to roll top baths in a multitude of shapes and sizes it is key to ensure the bath not only looks great, it is functional, and it’s positioning is also practical.

In many households the bath serves a dual purpose for bathing and showering, a key factor that must be considered when making your purchase, is the bath compatible with a bath screen and is there space to open it.

Baths are manufactured in various materials, the most popular being acrylic through to more robust materials like steel, cast iron or even beautifully sculptured copper.

There are various ways to operate the bath, the easiest being pillar taps, a bath filler or a combined bath shower mixer, you may choose to install a diverter valve that could control a bath spout and a shower or for a more contemporary look use a discrete bath waste filler, baths are typically connected to 22mm hot and cold feeds and discharged into a 40mm waste pipe.

Larger baths will require more hot water, it is essential to check the capacity of the bath versus the capacity of your hot water cylinder, likewise it is also important to check your floor can withstand the weight of a large cast iron bath full of water and lets not forget about the person in the bath to.

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