Bath [ bath, bahth ]

  • A washing or immersion of something, particularly the body, in water, steam, etc., for cleansing or medical treatment.
  • An amount of water or another liquid utilised for this purpose.
  • A receptacle for water or another cleansing liquid, such as a bathtub.
  • A space equipped for bathing, commonly known as a bathroom.
  • A structure housing rooms or residences equipped for bathing; bathhouse.
  • Frequently referred to as baths, these were intricate bathing facilities in ancient times.
  • Often referred to as baths, a town or resort frequented for medical treatment through bathing or similar activities, known as a spa.
  • A solution, such as an acid solution, in which something is submerged.
  • The vessel containing such a solution.
  • A mechanism for regulating the temperature of something by utilising a surrounding medium, like sand, water, oil, etc.

Drawing a bath holds different significance for individuals; for some, it's a daily routine, while for others, it's a rare indulgence, offering unparalleled relaxation with a lengthy, hot soak.

Given that the bath typically occupies the most space in a bathroom, it serves as an ideal focal point for planning the layout of your bathroom.

With a variety of options available, from corner baths to built in baths and freestanding baths of various shapes and sizes, it's crucial to ensure that the chosen bath not only enhances the aesthetics but also functions well and is positioned practically.

For the ultimate bathing experience why not opt for a whirlpool bath, creating a luxurious spa in your own bathroom.

In many households, baths serve a dual purpose for both bathing and showering. When selecting a bath, it's important to consider whether it's compatible with a bath screen and if there's ample space for its operation.

Baths are crafted from diverse materials, ranging from popular choices like acrylic to sturdier options such as steel.

There are multiple methods for operating a bath, including wall mounted bath taps, a bath spout, floor standing bath taps, or a combined bath shower mixer.

For a modern touch, a diverter valve can be installed to control both a bath spout and a shower. Alternatively, a discreet bath waste filler can be used, which can be selected when choosing your bath.

Baths are typically connected to 22mm hot and cold feeds and drained into a 40mm waste pipe.

Larger baths necessitate more hot water, so it's essential to verify the capacity of the bath in relation to that of your hot water cylinder.

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