Basin [ bey-suhn ]

  • A cylindrical vessel with a wider width than depth, tapering towards the bottom, primarily used for holding water or other liquids, particularly for washing purposes.
  • Any receptacle of comparable shape, such as the basin of a scale.
  • The volume or amount contained within such a receptacle.
  • A naturally occurring or man-made depression holding water.
  • A partially enclosed and sheltered area along a shoreline, often dredged to a deeper depth, where boats can be anchored.

With an abundance of basin options on the market, making a decision may seem overwhelming. However, each basin type serves a distinct purpose. Once you've determined your specific needs, choosing the right basin typically boils down to considerations of size and aesthetics.

Basins are commonly installed in various ways: they can sit on the counter, be wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted, freestanding, inset, under-counter, or semi-recessed.We also offer cloakroom basins and corner basins. Once you've selected your taps, you can then determine the appropriate tap hole configuration for your basin.

For all basin taps, it's essential to have 15mm hot and cold water feeds and a trap connected to a 32mm waste pipe.

Opting for hygienic glazes is a wise choice, as they effectively eliminate harmful germs and bacteria, ensuring that your basin remains clean and attractive-looking for an extended period.

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