• a device or system for supplying heat, especially central heating, to a building.
  • the heat supplied.
  • the state of a body perceived as having or generating a relatively high degree of warmth.
  • the condition or quality of being hot.

Fully tiled bathrooms often feel cold due to all the hard surfaces.

Stepping out of a hot bath onto a cold bathroom floor and finding a damp towel is not a pleasant thought.

The ideal temperature of living rooms and bedrooms is around 21 degrees, however the temperature for the bathroom would be set higher to 23 degrees due to the sudden changes in body temperature.

If the room temperature in your bathroom is too cold, there is a risk of wet walls and mould that can damage your property, and even your health.

There are various ways to heat the bathroom, installing a designer radiator, towel radiator or electric underfloor heating, at Draw a Bath we would recommend combining a towel radiator with underfloor heating for the best of both worlds.

It is advisable to choose a radiator with a higher output than required, as it can always be turned down, but you would have the reassurance of additional heat for any particularly cold spells.

Furthermore, we strongly recommended you install thermostats on radiators, towel radiators and underfloor heating and a timed controller ensuring you save energy whenever the room is not in use.

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