The bathroom mirror: it's more than just a reflective surface—it's a gateway to expanding your space and exploring different perspectives.

At Draw a Bath, we offer a variety of mirror options to suit your style and needs.

Whether you prefer a round, oval, portrait, or landscape design, mounted above the washbasin or as an offset oversised statement piece, our mirrors are both stylish and practical for checking yourself out and perfecting your hairstyle.

But that's not all—our mirrors feature advanced technology to enhance your experience.

From colour-changing LED illumination to heated demista pads that keep the mirror steam-free, and even Bluetooth connectivity with charging sockets, our mirrors are at the forefront of bathroom innovation.

Elevate your bathroom ambiance with additional accessories to enhance its appeal.

However, it's essential to ensure safety and compliance with lighting regulations, especially for domestic installations.

That's why we recommend consulting with a qualified Part P registered electrician to ensure your bathroom mirror meets current IEE building regulations.

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