Shower trays

Shower trays form the base of the shower enclosure, creating a watertight seal between the floor, walls and the shower door, with a built in fall and waste outlet to drain the water away.

The tray and enclosure must be the same shape and size for the correct fitment, it would be recommended to purchase both items from the same manufacturer.

Low profile shower trays provide a modern look, they can sit on the floor or be rebated into the floor to create a flush fitting tray, raised legs and panels are available for installation on solid floors where connection to the 40mm waste pipe could prove more difficult.

Mainly supplied in white, some models are available in extended colour ranges from cream through to black, our comprehensive filters will allow you to shop by colour.

Bespoke shower trays are available upon request, they can be manufactured to any size, with cut outs and the waste location can be moved to avoid joists.

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  1. Matki Continental 40 Shower Tray

    From £183.96
  2. Matki Continental 30 Shower Floor

    From £217.56
  3. Matki Preference Shower Floor

    From £418.32
  4. Matki Preference Standard Shower Tray

    From £363.72
  5. Duravit Stonetto Square Shower Tray

    From £514.27

8 Items

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