• a hand basin built into a wooden Formica-covered or tiled top, usually with a built-in cupboard below it
  • the movable articles, as tables, chairs, desks or cabinets, required for use or ornament in a house, office, or the like.
  • fittings, apparatus, or necessary accessories for something.
  • equipment for streets and other public areas, as lighting standards, signs, benches, or litter bins.
  • also called bearer, pieces of wood or metal, less than type high, set in and about pages of type to fill them out and hold the type in place in a chase.

Gone are the days of the traditional three piece bathroom suite, being the bath, the toilet and the pedestal washbasin.

Washrooms are now considered a place of sanctuary, somewhere to relax and unwind and to achieve this the bathroom needs to be beautiful, functional and well organised.

The key to a clutter free bathroom is furniture, somewhere to store often unsightly everyday essentials from your toothbrush to a bale of fresh linen.

With the growing trend in luxurious bathrooms comes the ever-expanding range of bathroom furniture available.

To simplify the selection, we have broken it down into four categories being, metal washstands, mirrored cabinets, storage units and vanity units.

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