Inset Basins

Inset basins or often named vanity basins are installed into a countertop with the outer rim of the basin sitting on the surface of the countertop.

Countertops would generally be of stone, marble or hardwood and the countertop basin can be singular, paired, positioned centrally, or offset, providing a convenient workspace for washbags or somewhere to display your beauty essentials.

Countertop basins make a beautiful statement within the bathroom, available in many designs, in all tap hole options, offering complete brassware flexibility.

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  1. Duravit DuraStyle 615mm Vanity Basin

    From £171.97
  2. Duravit DuraStyle 560mm Vanity Basin

    From £148.82
  3. Duravit DuraStyle 600mm Vanity Basin

    From £148.82
  4. Duravit Happy D.2 600mm Vanity Basin

    From £262.92
  5. Duravit Starck 3 560mm Vanity Basin

    From £152.96
  6. Duravit 2nd Floor 600mm Vanity Basin

    From £380.33
  7. Duravit Foster 430mm Vanity Basin

    From £161.23
  8. Duravit Vero Air 550mm Vanity Basin

    From £242.25
  9. Duravit Vero Vanity Basin

    From £219.93
  10. Duravit Viu 600mm Vanity Basin

    From £210.83
  11. Duravit D-Neo 600mm Vanity Basin

    From £124.02

Items 1-12 of 35

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