Wallhung & Pedestal Basins

Most bathrooms installations now feature a vanity unit or furniture due to the practicality of storage space.

The once popular basin and pedestal rarely features within the contemporary bathroom however it still plays a major role within the traditional bathroom with many beautifully sculptured designs available.

Basins are secured to the wall using special fixings designed to take the weight and furthermore supported via the pedestal that also helps to conceal water and waste pipes.

Available in a multitude of designs and sizes and featuring all tap hole options.

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  1. Duravit Darling New Washbasin

    From £123.19
  2. Duravit DuraStyle Washbasin

    From £90.12
  3. Duravit Happy D.2 Washbasin

    From £166.19
  4. Duravit ME by Starck Washbasin

    From £108.31
  5. Duravit Starck 3 Washbasin

    From £101.70
  6. Duravit Starck 3 Compact Washbasin

    From £101.70
  7. Duravit 1930 Series Washbasin

    From £467.97
  8. Duravit D-Neo Washbasin

    From £78.55
  9. Kast Aura Double Concrete Basin

    From £2,712.00
  10. Kast Elm Concrete Basin

    From £2,582.40
  11. Kast Elm Mini Concrete Basin

    From £2,102.40

Items 1-12 of 60

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