Wet Rooms

If you are looking for the ultimate showering experience, then look no further than a beautiful, minimalistic wet room.

Wet rooms are a fully waterproofed, often called tanked showering area, created using a wet deck shower tray and waterproof backerboards to the walls, the trays have a built in waste and incorporate a natural fall to take the water to the drain.

There are no limitations in the shape and size of a wet room floor, they can be installed upstairs or downstairs, within solid or timber floors, from a small space saving solution through to luxurious dual showering, allowing two people to shower at the same time.

Unlike stepping onto a shower tray, the wet room floor has a level access, ideal for young families, elderly or anyone with reduced mobility, much easier to clean and maintain, with large access having no door restrictions they are extremely practical and look sublime.

Once the wet floor tray and backerboards are fixed and sealed, the next step is to tile, once tiling is complete the technology is completely hidden, all you would see is a beautiful tiled bathroom with a discrete drain in the floor, drains are available in all finishes or they can be tiled to blend seamlessly into the floor.

Finally, we would recommend installing a sheet of wet room glass to stop any unnecessary splashing into the bathroom and for the ultimate luxurious wet room ,electric underfloor heating, that’s both cosy underfoot and allows the floor to quickly dry after showering.

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