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How you choose to shower is down to personal preference, the most popular way is to install a sliding rail kit, the kit would consist of a riser rail, fixed to the wall, the riser rail incorporates an adjustable sliding handset holder, a flexible shower hose and shower head, the sliding rail kit provides flexibility as you can easily alter the height of the shower head for small children through to tall adults.

You may opt for a fixed overhead shower, these can be mounted from the ceiling or with a shower arm fixed to the wall, this is a truly submissive showering experience, often called the drench shower as the water cascades over you from above.

The most simplistic form is the hand shower, this consists of a wall mounted hand shower holder, flexible hose and shower head, the user would take hold of the hand shower and direct the water where required.

Draw a Bath would recommend installing a dual outlet thermostatic shower valve, allowing the user to switch between a sliding rail kit or hand shower and a fixed overhead shower, giving you the flexibility of being able to shower without wetting your hair or opting for a truly drenching experience.

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